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Τρίτη, 17 Νοεμβρίου 2009

Roxio Creator 2010 PRO + Content

Το Roxio Creator 2010 Pro σας επιτρέπει εύκολα να συλλάβει, να ενισχυθεί, να αποθηκεύσετε και να μοιραστείτε τη φωτογραφία σας, βίντεο και ήχου έργα. Το Roxio Creator 2010 Pro περιλαμβάνει επίσης το Blu-ray Disc authoring ικανότητα, καθώς και μια σειρά βραβευμένο πρόσθετες εφαρμογές αποτιμώνται σε περίπου 300 ευρώ SRP αν αγοραστεί χωριστά. Αυτά τα χαρακτηριστικά Pro περιλαμβάνουν ενσωματωμένη ενίσχυση φωτογραφία με LightZone, έθιμο δημιουργία soundtrack με Sonicfire Pro, ήχου μείωση του θορύβου και στα δύο αρχεία ήχου και βίντεο με SoundSoap SE, συνολικής σκληρό δίσκο backup και ανάκτηση με BackOnTrack 3, και την άμεση επεξεργασία των βίντεο HD σε BD-RE.

Roxio Creator 2010 Pro allows you to easily capture, enhance, save and share your photo, video and audio projects. Roxio Creator 2010 Pro also includes the Blu-ray Disc authoring capability as well as a set of award-winning additional applications valued at almost $300 SRP if purchased separately. These Pro features include built-in photo enhancement with LightZone, custom soundtrack creation with Sonicfire Pro, audio noise reduction in both audio and video files with SoundSoap SE, comprehensive hard-drive backup and recovery with BackOnTrack 3, and direct editing of HD video on BD-RE.
Burn and copy CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs
Edit movies and burn DVDs like a pro
Rip CDs, digitize analog LPs, mix perfect playlists
Create photo slideshows, cards, calendars, panoramas and more
Share your creations on CD, DVD, mobile phone, iPod or YouTube
High-def Blu-ray Disc Plug-in for Blu-ray video authoring
SonicFire Pro custom soundtrack creation
SoundSoap SE audio noise reduction
LightZone photo editing with Zone Mapping & Relight
BackOnTrack disaster recovery

Roxio Creator 2010 Pro now offers automatic smart encoding to dramatically decrease rendering times while maintaining optimum video quality, and leverages ATI Stream and NVIDIA CUDA technologies to make project encoding up to five times faster. Roxio Creator 2010 Pro also makes it easier to enjoy video on a range of mobile devices with a newly simplified and reorganized output display that enables users to quickly transfer videos that are automatically optimized for the display characteristics and playback features of their particular device. Adding to Creator 2010's versatile video capabilities is a Web video capture feature that allows consumers to grab streaming video, such as user-generated content on YouTube, for viewing offline on portable devices and DVD players.

Roxio Creator 2010's powerful new video features are accessed via a redesigned user interface that emphasizes commonly used tasks and includes a built-in Learning Center with dozens of video tutorials and step-by-step instructional guides. Roxio Creator 2010 Pro also expands other functional areas of the suite dedicated to working with photos and music as well as completing burning projects.

The Roxio Creator 2010 interface has been redesigned for even greater clarity, with the emphasis on common, straightforward tasks and fast access to help. Functional areas have been enhanced to include new photo and music options, as well as to provide better burning and backup:
Task-oriented design - Creator 2010's Home page brings frequent tasks to the forefront while still enabling quick access to less-used features.
Built-in Learning Center - users have built-in access to dozens of video tutorials and printable step-by-step instructions for quick help when needed.
Desktop burning - files can be dragged directly onto the Roxio Burn desktop icon to immediately begin the disc burning process without first launching a separate application.
Web radio capture - audio from streaming internet radio can be captured and automatically added to an iTunes-compatible music library for playback from a PC or a portable player such as an iPod.
Photo slideshows - Creator 2010 lets users turn a photo collection and video clips into an engaging slideshow, complete with music and professionally-designed graphics that can be burned to DVD or shared online in a personal PhotoShow.com gallery.
Access to Roxio CinemaNow - direct online access to a massive selection of premium entertainment for downloading, including new movies often on the same day and date as they are available in stores.

Key Features :
5 times faster video encoding
Capture streaming website video like YouTube
Take HDV videos from camera directly to DVD
Create movie magic in minutes
VideoWave editing suite includes a powerful 32-track timeline
Take your TiVo to-go
Drag, drop, burn
Improved! Convert video for portable devices
Setting the industry standard for burning
Safe and sound backup
Copy everything, copy faster
Create custom DVD video compilations
Build an iTunes library
Preserve old LPs and tapes
Convert CD audio-books for your iPod
Identify your audio…automatically
Create mixes for any occasion
Enhance audio with Sound Editor
Photo Projects – Cherished for a Lifetime
Create dazzling online slideshows
Turn snapshots into sweeping panoramas
Picture-perfect in seconds
Put every photo at your fingertips
Optimize photos for your mobile device
Private online sharing
Share with the world

Microsoft Windows Vista™ (32- or 64-bit), SP1 is required, Windows XP SP3 (32- or 64-bit), Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate (32-or 64-bit)
For data burning and copy, audio capture and editing: Intel 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 processor or AMD equivalent, 512 MB RAM for Windows XP and 1GB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7. For video editing and conversion and DVD playback: Intel Pentium 4 2GHz processor or AMD equivalent and 1GB RAM. Multi-core processor with at least 2GB RAM recommended.
1024x768 DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with at least 16-bit color setting, sound card, DVD-ROM drive
ATI Stream™ and Cuda™ acceleration only available with AMD ATI Stream or NVIDIA Cuda enabled graphic cards
Hard drive with at least 3 GB free space for the installation process. DVD and BD copy, video editing and authoring may require large amount of free disk space, up to several 10's of GB.
Windows Media Player version 10, 11 or 12
Internet Explorer 7 or 8
Internet connection required for registration, product updates, and some features. Any Internet charges are the user's responsibility.
QuickTime player version 7.6 for some functionality
iTunes version 8 for some functionality
TiVo requires a TiVo Series2™, Series3™, TiVo HD DVR or other TiVoToGo™ compatible DVR connected to your home network, and TiVo Desktop. Does not work with DirecTV provided TiVo DVRs. See TiVo DVR: your ultimate source for entertainment - TiVo for more information.
For video capture: OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 FireWire card (for use with DV camera) or Roxio Video Capture USB (for analog sources)
Blu-ray playback requires an additional plug-in which can be purchased at Roxio - DVD Burning & CD Burning Software - Creator & Toast Software.

Input Formats:
Video: AVI, DV, HDV, DV-AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, MPEG2-HD, DVD-Video, IFO/VOB, XviD, DVR-MS, TiVo, ASF, MOV, WMV, QuickTime, 3GP, MPEG2 Transport Stream, AVC (H.264), AVCHD
Audio: Audio CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, Dolby Digital AC-3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, M4A, MP4, Playlists (WPL, ASX, M3U, PLS, XSPF)

Output Formats:
Video: AVI, DV-AVI, HDV, MPEG-1/2/4, MPEG2-HD, WMV, WMV HD, AVC (H.264), MP4, 3GP
Audio: MP3, WAV, WMA, Dolby Digital AC-3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MPEG-1/2, M4A, M4B AAC, Playlists (M3U, PLS, XSPF, WPL)
Video disc formats: DVD, Video CD (VCD), Super Video CD (SVCD), Mini DVD

Recordable Formats:
Disc image formats: read ISO, C2D, BIN/CUE and GI; write ISO and GI

Info: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/creator/pro/overview.html



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